Core Strengthening From the Inside Out Course

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Core strengthening often ignores the most important component, the pelvic floor.  This course will provide you with the evaluative and intervention approaches to rehab throughout the lifespan of the very weak cores by beginning from the inside and moving out.



Consumers and health professionals are inundated with the latest and greatest core strengthening exercises and many injuries are occurring in the name of fitness. The inner core musculature has been well researched (Hodges, et al) and is known to automatically be recruited just prior to active movement in the healthy individual who has not sustained an injury to the trunk. It is of utmost importance for the health care professional to have the skill to teach and explain basic core activation, recognize compensatory movement patterns and progress core exercises in order to safely rehab their client.  This is especially true for the woman after childbirth.  (Read more of Deborah’s published work on pregnancy at ResearchGate.)

Open to PT, PTA, OT, OTA & AT and other health care providers with the approval of instructor.

At the completion of the seminar, participant will:

  • Understand the components of evidenced based core strengthening.
  • Be able to discuss the role of the inner core in core strengthening and know how to activate it properly.
  • Be able to identify abnormal patterning during core exercises and know what muscles are overcompensating.
  • Be able to challenge the core through the appropriate progression of exercises.
  • Know how to address flexibility and strength in the hip in light of the latest research and what exercises are recommended.


(sample block) as this could be an morning or evening

1:00 Registration
1:15  Introduction/literature review
1:45  What is core? Definitions, group activity, discussion
2:00 Inner and outer core, integrated model of function, muscle slings, Pelvic Rotator Cuff
2:30 Break
2:45 Lab with PowerPoint; activating the core, progressions, concepts, substitution patterning
3:45 Other considerations/therapeutic exercise, hip flexibility, hip strength, evidenced based exercises
4:15  Summary/Questions and Answers
4:30 Course Evaluations