A Wooden Professional Book Review of “Sacroiliac Pain”, author Dr. Deborah B. Riczo

We all look at reviews before we purchase items.  We want to know what others think.  We can learn from the experience of others, and we know to overlook some of the reviews if many others are favorable.

sacroiliac pain

                Written as a self-help book

Professional book reviews

When you have an excellent professional book review that is published within your profession you do have a tendency to want to “shout it from the rooftop”.  Of course you agree with everything that is said in the review, as you know the book was a compilation of many years of study, clinical experience and research.  Please take a moment to read this!

Wooden Book Review of “Sacroiliac Pain, understanding the Pelvic Girdle Musculoskeletal Method,”  published August 2018 in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice.

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